38 years of experience gained 'on the field': the milestones and top models that have led Pomac Company to a market leader position in the harvesting machines production. A compelling reading accompanied by evocative images.

1981 - The very first towed machine for tomato harvesting. Conceived and designed at the request of a family of farmers in order to benefit and accelerate the harvesting process. After being cut manually, the plants are loaded onto the harvesting machine with considerable savings in time, energy and labor.

1982-1983 - The first model of towed machine is improved by adding a platform for manual selection and a ventilation system, which greatly increase the quality and cleanliness of the harvested tomato. A completely mechanical machine, distinguished by its great qualities of strength and reliability. Produced up to 1984 in over 300 units.

The Pomac brand arouses a preoccupied interest in competitors, which adapt a Pomac machine to their corporate colors after having purchased it indirectly.

1984 - The harvesting belt with pick-up is equipped on the machines: an important technical innovation whose function is to optimize the transport of the plants from the ground to the machine: a fundamental step towards the total automation of the tomato harvesting process.

1984 - The first large-scale fully hydraulic machine. The strengths are the fully automatic harvesting head that includes the cutting of the plants and the innovative tomato handling system, obtained by introducing a large space for manual selection in the upper part of the machine.

The high potential for collection decree the success of this model.

1985 - Maintaining the classic sturdiness and reliability of the predecessors, thanks to the full hydraulic control, this towed model has shown itself to be light and agile even on the most difficult terrain, guaranteeing very high work potential. The harvesting head is equipped with automatic collection or, alternatively, of the now 'famous' pre-cut pick-up of the plant.

With this machine the Pomac company has literally conquered the land of Italy, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and then U.R.S.S .. The production of this model continues until 1989 with a record sales of over 400 specimens. It should be noted that on these machines the system of shakers with alternative belts has been introduced for the first time, which has contributed to raising the productivity and the quality of the collection to new levels of excellence. At the beginning of the following decade this machine was further refined with the assembly of the first automatic electronic tomato selection system and it is still working on the fields in a specific adaptation for the onion harvest.

1987 - The year of the first self-propelled harvester. Equipped with a powerful VM-branded engine mounted sideways, the proved and tested shakers 'on horseback' and the multi-faceted front wheel drive with rear steering axle.


The subsequent model is equipped with the alternative shakers system, reaching the hundreds of specimens produced until 1990.

1988 - Special model of small-sized towed machine suitable for harvesting tomato plants sowed with an interaxis of about 1 meter.

1990 - This large self-propelled machine is technically very advanced. It endorses the alternative shakers, the 'movable toes' harvesting head and the electronic sorting equipment at the rear. The possibility of moving the machine body sideways with respect to the central axis, together with the presence of no. 4 independent steering wheels and the powerful and reliable engine, they make the collection pleasant in any condition.

Simply unstoppable. It will remain in production until 1993.

1991 - The new decade is the scenario in which the technological breakthrough introduced by electronic sorting revolutionizes the world of tomato harvesting. Pomac navigates by the wind of innovation and applies the acquired experience to new market needs: Eng. Squarzola establishes the Company S.T.E.I. with the sole objective of producing the electronic sorters installed exclusively on Pomac machines.

1993 -  The model of self-propelled harvester nicknamed 'COSMINA' is smaller than its 'older sisters'. It endorses the electronic sorting S.T.E.I. on the side and it is ‘’light and simple’’ in terms of mechanics. The selling price is contained. The great success of this first model was fundamental for the development of subsequent machines.

1994 - With the new model of self-propelled machine 'COSMO', produced in over 350 examples, the POMAC Company has left an indelible mark on the mechanization of tomato in Italy and abroad. By developing the technical solutions already tested on the 'COSMINA' progenitor, the new born will be the ideal platform for applying the mechanical and technological progress of the following years.

The 'COSMO' can also mount the double sorter with 30 or 40 sorting channels and starting from 1997 will host the innovative vibrating shaker. This model will be produced until the year 2000.

1999 - Thanks to the proven efficiency of its electronic sorters, the company S.T.E.I. launches the new Plus Color model. The latest electronic technologies make it more precise and faster than previous models, improving its performance efficiency.


2000 - The 35-channel self-propelled harvester is born. It embodies modern and original technical solutions, inspired by production needs and accumulated experience. The reliability and the productive capacity are its strong points, enhanced by a powerful 160 HP IVECO engine and the electronic sorting system (single or double).

The new born is exported all over the world until the year 2004.

 2002  - The 'Estrema' self-propelled harvesting machine perfectly meets the needs of the Spanish market for which it is designed. Special ‘’disc’’ harvesting head, 30 channels lateral MOT and double 35 channels electronic sorter: proves to be fast and impeccable in the tomato harvest on the prohibitive soils of Spain.

2004 - After three years of testing the Company S.T.E.I. produces the third generation of electronic sorting machine: the 'Genius' model is the result of the strong technological impulse that POMAC has aimed at achieving qualitative and quantitative levels of productivity unimaginable until a few years before.

The new electronic sorter becomes a distinctive feature of quality and increase the success of POMAC harvesters. Even competitors prefer to integrate these sorters on their harvesters.

2004 -Pomac puts on the market three new models of self-propelled harvesters:

CCOSMO SUPER, equipped with 35 channels electronic sorting system
COSMO MEGA, equipped with 40 channels electronic sorting system
COSMO GIGA, equipped with 45 channels electronic sorting system

The renewal of the range on the one hand confirms the traditional reliability of Pomac harvesters, on the other hand it exerts their productivity. The COSMO GIGA model achieves the remarkable collection capacity of 50 tons per hour. During the design phase Pomac engineers worked on the prevention of wear of each individual component, allowing to reduce the maintenance costs of the machine.

The new electronic sorter becomes a distinctive feature of quality and increase the success of POMAC harvesters: even competitors prefer to mount Pomac electronic sorters on their machines.

2007 -IThe 40 channels electronic sorting model goes out of production: the range focuses on models equipped with 35 and 45 sorting channels, which lay the foundations of the Pomac construction summit for reliability and competitiveness.

2009 - Pomac has successfully tested the EVOLUTION model, designed to meet the latest sowing techniques, with coupled plants 50 or 80 centimeters apart; the new harvesters are the result of the traditional technical avant-garde of the Pomac brand.

2012-2015 - The production plant is severely damaged by the earthquake. Pomac staff does not give up: production changes location and does not stop.

2016 - Mark One company continues the tradition of the Pomac brand.

2018 - The Pomac brand returns to the Eima.

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