Electronic sorters

With a last generation electronic component, the selector identifies the red tomato and separates it with precision from the green one, from the earth and from the stones, optimizing the quality of the harvested product

Each regulation is controlled directly by the driver in a simple and practical way, thanks to a keyboard integrated into the on-board instrumentation.

The elimination of the discarded elements is done by highly tested electro-pneumatic system, composed of low-pressure lubricated cylinders and controlled by solenoid valves. In this way the tomato selection is fast and precise under any circumstances.


On the basis of the hourly product flow rate that best suits their needs, our customers can choose between 2 models, differentiated by the number of optical channels dedicated to tomato selection.
Dimensions and main performance characteristics:

Model M135 with 35 optic channels
  •  width: 590 mms
  •  height: 460 mms
  •  interaxle spacing: 900 mms
  •  weight: 46 kgs
  •  belt speed: 67 mts/min
  •  hourly productivity: 35/40 tons
  •  work pressure: 4 bars
  •  multilingual control panel menu

Model M145 with 45 optic channels
  • width: 760 mm
  • height: 460 mm
  • interaxle spacing: 1180 mm
  • weight: 50 kg
  • belt speed: 67 mts/mins
  • hourly productivity: 45/60 tons
  • work pressure: 4 bars
  • multilingual control panel menu
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