Harvesting head

Pomac harvesters mount the head with the lowest angle of incidence on the ground compared to the competitors: only 21 degrees. This technical peculiarity means that the harvesting procedure is carried out in a delicate and natural way, guaranteeing a quality of the product comparable to that of the tomato harvested manually.

The 'fingers' of the head: they can be disassembled individually.

One of the disassembled 'fingers' and the cutter bar blade.

A view of the hydraulically adjustable ASPO. Its function is to facilitate the ascent of the tomato onto the loading belt.
The rollers are placed below the head and allow to adjust it according to the characteristics of the harvesting ground.
Separate wheels are placed on the sides of the head to further fine-tune its adjustment.

Thanks to these technical measures, each customer can adapt the head to the type of his field, obtaining optimal production performance in any environmental and climatic conditions.

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