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Le macchine che si prendono cura dei tuoi prodotti come le tue mani
The Experience

30 years  of experience ‘in the field’overrun through the key points  and in the top models which took our company to a market leader position in the sector of tomato harvest machines  and connected sectors. A capturing reading accompanied by superbe pictures!

1981 - Very first tomato machine for tomato harvesting while working in the field in the far 1981.
Idea and project  upon the requirement of a family of farmers at the aim to give advantages and speed up the harvesting .
After being cut manually , the plants are loaded on the harvesting machine with an important spare of time, energies and workers.

It is the first machine conceived by the two “merry guys” from  Mirabello: Eng. Giorgio Squarzola  and the technician Ferruccio Laurenti, 30years founders of the company  and still today creators of every new model of Pomac.  


1982-1983 - The first model  of tomato machines is perfectioned by adding a platform  for the manual selection  and  a  ventilation equipment, which increase remarkably  the quality and the cleaning of the harvested tomatoes.A fully mechanical machine, become famous for its ruggedness and reliability. Manufactured till 1984 in over 300 unities.
The trade mark Pomac  caused a big concern to competition  which purchased undirectly a unity customizing it to their own company colours.


1984 - Introduced on the machines the harvesting belt with pick-up: a very important technical innovation whose function is to optimize the transport of the plants from the ground to the machine.
A fundamental step towards the total automation  of tomato harvesting.

1984 - The  first amchine fully hydraulic of big size.
Strength points are the harvest head fully  automatic that includes the cutting of plants , the innovative system of moving the tomato, obtained  introducing a big space for the manual selection of the same in the upper part of the machine.


The high potentials of harvesting state  the success of this model.

1985 - Kept the classic ruggedness and reliability of the previous models, thanks the drive unit  fully Hydraulic this model was light and quick also in the tough fields,with high potentials of work.The head is equipped with automatic harvesting or, alternatively with the famous’pick up with pre-cut of plant.

With this machine Pomac  has conquered the markets of Italy, Spain , Czechoslovakia, Hungary and of then U.S.S.R.The productin of this model continues up till 1989, with a record of sales of over 400 units.To be remarked that on these machines it as been introduced  for the first time  the system of shakers at alternative belts which increased the productivity and harvesting quality.At the beginning of the next decennial this machine has been furtherly improved  with the setting up of the  first electronic choosing devices  for the automatic selection of the product and it is still working in the field a specific matching  for onion harvesting.


1987 - It is the year of the first self-propelled harvesting machine.
Equipped with a strong motor marked VM set on laterally, shakers ‘on horse’ and front drive  with turning rear axis. Manufactured with 100 units till1990.



1987 - The next model is equipped with alternative shaker. It will be sold in 100 units until 1990.





1988 - Special model of machine of small size fit for the tomato seeding.





1990 - This self-propelled machine is technically very advanced.In the upper size there is the
Electronic choosing in the rear part set on the alternative shakers  and the mobile’ fingers head ‘
The possibility of moving laterally the machine body respecting the  central axis along with 4driving wheels and the engine strong and reliable.

Simply Unstoppable. On production  till 1993.

1991 - The new decennial is the scenery where the electronic choosing system sees a revolution in the world of the tomato harvesting, and from the mind of Eng. Squarzola was born S.T.E.I. with the only objective to manufacture the electronic choosing devices  set on exclusively  on the machines Pomac.



1993 -  The model of half-propelled harvesting machine  so called ‘COSMINO’ is smaller than the ‘sisters’ of Pomac.Laterally set on the electronic choose  S.T.E.I.The price of sale is little.

The great success of this first model  has been fundamental  for the development  of the next machines.


1994 - Manufactured in over 350 unities, the new model of self-propelled ‘COSMO’, POMAC marked a hit in the mechanization of the tomato in Italy and abroad. By developing the technical solutions of previous ‘COSMINE’.
The ‘COSMO’ can set on also the double selecting at 30 or 40  channels and from 1997 feature  the innovative vibrating rays shaker.Model  built till 2000.


 1999 - Strong for the tested efficiency of its own electronic selecting machines, company S.T.E.I. puts in the market  the new model  Plus Color .
The technological development gets it quicker and more exact comparing the previous versions, by improving the effectiveness of performances.



2000 - The 35 channels self-propelled harvesting machine was born.
This is the concretization of modern technical solutions inspired by exigencies of production and from experience.
The reliability and productive capacity are its top points , stressed up by  a strong motor  marked IVECO 160 HP and by the electronic selecting machine  in gauge(single or double).

The new born is exported in all the world till 2004.

 2004  - The model of self-propelled harvesting machine  ‘Estrema’is an answer to the exigencies of the Spanish market for which it as been conceived.
Special disc heading, lateral MOT  30 channels and double selecting machine electronic 35 channels: very quick in tomato harvesting  in the tough fields of Spain



2004 - After three years of experimentation company S.T.E.I. produces the third generation of
Electronic selecting machine:the model ‘Genius’ is the result of the strong technological impulse
That POMAC addressed to the reaching of productivity levels in quantity and quality not thought  few years before.
The new electronic selecting devices become a quality feature and increase the success of the harvesting machines POMAC.
Also competition prefer integrate these selecting devices on their machines.


2004 - POMAC  puts in the market  3 new models  of self-propelled harvesting machines:

COSMO SUPER  35 channels

COSMO MEGA 40 channels

COSMO GIGA 45 channels

The renewal of the range by one side confirms the traditional reliability of harvesting machines, by the other one emphasizes the productivity; the model GIGA reaches an harvesting hit of 50 tonns per hour.

In phase of design it has been carried out an attentive work of prevention of the wear of every single component, allowing to cut down the maintenance cost of the machine.


2007 - The model of electronic choice device at 40 channels exits of production  and the range concentrates on harvest machines models  which yet nowadays feature the manufacturing  top of Pomac  for reliability and competition:

See the technical cards  herewith enclosed :


Here are the main novelties introduced  in 2007:

-Head wheels full to avoid to damage them during  the harvest  on the most difficult fields.

- Adjustment of the engine  and the discharge  after the present laws with passage from 2 to 3 nev.

- Doubling of the circuit on the  plants upgoing belt to strengthen it.

- Development of the transmission  of vibrating rays.

- Insertion of roller bearings on  the movements  of the head mowing bar.

- Improvement of  the shieldings  and protection of the electrical plan.

- Introduction of the sensor  for the alignment  of the rear wheels  and addition of a lighting indicator  on the dashboard  of the body cell.

- Display of vibrations number  for the control of vibrating rays.

These technical developments  are the fruit of the experience matured harvesting tomatos and successes   on the fields worldwide: the quality of every single component  of the machine Pomac  is important  as the single exigences of everyone of his clients

Acknowledge the ENGINEERING TECHNIQUES  that witness the Pomac quality.


2009 - The company has successfully tested  two innovative models of harvest machines  during the tomato campaign 2009: COSMO EVOLUTION 4500 and COSMO EVOLUTION 6000. Conceived to meet  the very recent harvesting exigencies, that feature rows of doubled plants  far 50 or 80  cms, the new machines are the fruit of the traditional technical avant garde  of the trade mark Pomac : the the tested project track  of the previous models  is enhanced by the choice of new components and by new technical solutions.This p assion  for the constant evolution  of its own products puts the company avant garde  in the manufacturing  of tomato harvesting machines worldwide , either for the quality either for the wideRange which can offer to the client.

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