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Le macchine che si prendono cura dei tuoi prodotti come le tue mani
The company

Pomac s.r.l. is world leader in the manufacturing of Harvest Machines  for tomatoes because every client of ours  is proud of his own machine , manufactured by applying the harvest technical solutions most innovative , to his suggestions  and to his specific exigencies.

The unmistakable 'Red ones form Mirabello' are user-friendly, advanced and versatile.

"Who chooses a Pomac is definitely sure to harvest is tomatoes"


What would you like to know?

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The Experience

30 years  of experience ‘in the field’overrun through the key points  and in the top models which took our company to a market leader position in the sector of tomato harvest machines  and connected sectors. A capturing reading accompanied by superbe pictures!

The Future


  PoMAC Cul0alt0


The new harvesters are now on duty much to clients satisfaction, which is our priority objective!


  • The back end of the machine has been completely redesigned: the impeller has been moved back and over and it's not directly over the engine anymore.


In so doing the machine is kept clean from dirt and soil, which completely fall down to the ground. There is almost no need of manual cleaning which, in case, it is much more easier.

  • The belt which feeds the electronic sorter has been redesigned too and its flat part is longer and less slanting: this is useful to perfectly divide the tomoatoes drastically increasing the quantity of tomatoes that can be sorted (even 6 ton per hour!).


  • This harvesters endorse the brand new rubber pinions: the machine is even more quiet and most of all they prevent any damage to all the belts: less wear means more money saved.



The Cul0alt0 harvesters can be equipped with the powerful 200 horsepower six-cylinder John Deere Powertech Turbo Intercooler engine.




After two years of intense testing which lasted two harvesting seasons, this year 40 Pomac self-levelling headings are operating on the fields!


Thanks to an electronic and pneumatic system the driver can regulate the heading with extreme accuracy to graze the field!

  • it is impossible to sink the machine

  • the dirt stays on the field

  • no tomatoes are left under the heading




The self-levelling heading can be endorsed by older models: thanks to an easy mounting kit all our clients can take advantage of Pomac continuos search for improvement.

Thanks to the new heading the machine can speed up the harvesting process reaching a speed of almost 4 miles per our without taking dirt aboard.

The machine and the tomatoes have never been so clean.



Pomac  has manufactured a new model of tomato harvest machine!


The very new COSMO EVOLUTION 6000 have confirmed their potentials during 2009 campaign.

The new born one has been called 'The Special' due to the technical innovations which distinguish it from other models.

Clic here to discover it!